Endowment Funds

An endowment fund is an especially valuable gift as it provides a never-ending source of income to support patient care and medical research at St. Boniface Hospital. When an endowment fund is created with the Foundation, only a portion of the fund is used annually.

Endowment funds can be created with a minimum donation of $10,000 – either through a one-time gift, or accumulated gifts.

When deciding to leave your legacy to St. Boniface Hospital through an endowment fund, there are a few options to consider:

➊ CREATE an endowment fund today, and leave an additional gift to the fund as a bequest in your will.

➋ LEAVE a bequest in your will to create an endowment fund in the future.

Creating an endowment fund can be an opportunity to honour beloved family members and friends or create a lasting statement of your values and life’s work by having the fund bear your own name. You and your loved ones can continually direct gifts to the fund to help it grow over time.

Whether you choose to establish an endowment fund today, or leave a bequest in your will to create one in the future, it is important to notify St. Boniface Hospital Foundation of your intentions. All endowment funds require a signed agreement between the donor and the Foundation to ensure the donor’s intent is honoured.

Depending how you would like the income produced annually from your endowment fund to be used, it can be designated as unrestricted or restricted. An unrestricted endowment fund allows St. Boniface Hospital to use your gift where it is most needed at the time it is received. A restricted endowment fund allows you to specify which program or area at St. Boniface Hospital will use your gift, such as cardiac research or palliative care.

To discuss how you can best direct your gift to the programs or areas at St. Boniface Hospital that are most important to you, please contact Kris Gladwell, Vice-President, Development at 204-235-3696 or kgladwell@stbhf.org.

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Palliative Medicine Residency Education Award
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