Ways to Help


You can help make a profound difference with your donation to St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. Donations of all sizes support world-class health research and advances in patient care at St. Boniface Hospital.

  • Bequests

    A bequest is a way to make a major gift of cash, property, or securities that might be more difficult to make during your lifetime.
  • Employee Giving

    WHO WE ARE St. Boniface Hospital Employee Giving is a year-round charitable giving program supported by a community of dedicated Hospital staff. Every day, thousands of people depend on St. Boniface Hospital and the work we do. Together, we strive to make a difference by giving back to...
  • Endowment Funds

    You can launch and build an endowment fund in your lifetime, or establish it through a bequest. An endowment is an enormously useful gift for the Foundation to receive as the principal is invested and only the income earned is distributed.
  • Gifts of Hope

    About Gifts of Hope  Giving a Gift of Hope is a meaningful way to show you care to those you love. Whether you’re celebrating, remembering, or saying thank you, a Gift of Hope helps you speak from the heart, while supporting others in need. When you give a Gift of Hope, all proceeds are directed to...
  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance is a powerful instrument of charitable giving that provides you with a number of options.
  • How can I help?

    Learn more about the areas of the hospital and research centre where your donation can make a difference.
  • Honour and Remember

    Through St-Boniface Hospital Foundation, you can celebrate life’s special moments and honour the departed in a way that advances patient care and medical research.
  • I am a Grateful Patient

    Often, our patients, their families, and their friends reach out to St-Boniface Hospital to thank its staff for their remarkable work in delivering the highest-possible quality of care.
  • Leave a Legacy

    Each and every year, a growing number of St-Boniface Hospital Foundation donors are looking at planned giving options (particularly bequests and life insurance policies) and at endowment funds as ways to make a mark and leave a lasting legacy.
  • Hosting an Event

    Rally your friends! Have some fun! Make a difference for St-Boniface Hospital Foundation! Whether you’re a business owner, school, or service club, you can host your own event to raise your profile and raise funds for the Foundation.
  • Marketable Securities

    Charitable gifts of publicly traded securities are a popular way for donors to give to charitable organizations like St-Boniface Hospital Foundation.
  • Monthly Giving Program

    Your pre-authorized, automated monthly gift to St-Boniface Hospital Foundation enhances patient care and advances medical research.
  • Leadership Giving

    When you give to St-Boniface Hospital Foundation more than once, you aren’t just sending a gift, you are sending a message. You are saying to us, your family, and the community at large that you value the important patient care initiatives and the life-changing research that happen at St-Boniface Hospital a...
  • Workplace Giving

    Many businesses and organizations have chosen to support St-Boniface Hospital Foundation through various workplace fundraising initiatives. Giving to charity as a workplace is a great way to increase morale by fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment through a collective philanthropic effort