Celebrating progress, promoting transparency

Through our Believe magazine and through our annual report, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation is proud to share stories of the very tangible accomplishments achieved because of donor support. Our “Believe” newsletter shares insights on research and patient care initiatives, and pays tribute to our donors and sponsors.

Our Annual Report also offers a broad range of stories along with the Foundation’s consolidated financial statements.

Annual Reports

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2017 Annual Report: Thanks To You

2016 Annual Report: Pioneers & Progress

Belive20162015 Annual Report: The Power Of Partnerships

2014 Annual Report: Our Growth, Our Future, Our Donors

believe2013Believe Special Edition: 2013 Annual Report

AR_20122012 Annual Report: Hope & Healing

2011Annualreport2011 Annual Report: Hope & Healing

2010 Annual Report2010 Annual Report: Hope & Healing

2009 Annual Report2009 Annual Report: Our World in Motion

2008 Annual Report2008 Annual Report: Inspiring Momentum 


Believe Magazines

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Believe, Fall 2018

Believe, Spring 2018

Believe, Fall 2017

Believe, Spring 2017


Believe, Fall 2016



Believe, Spring, 2016




Believe, Fall 2015

         Believe, Spring 2015

          Believe, Fall 2014
believe2013Believe Special Edition: 2013 Annual Report Believe Fall 2013            Believe, Fall 2013
         Believe, Spring 2013
   Believe, Fall 2012          Believe, Spring 2012