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I was having a “widow-maker.”

No one knew whether I’d survive, or even wake up. It was halfway through February last year, and for days I’d found myself short of breath when walking short distances and climbing stairs. I knew I should see my doctor, of course. But I was so busy…I’m sure you can relate. Still, my symptoms persisted. […]

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Celebrating 30 years of research

St. Boniface Hospital’s Albrechtsen Research Centre has long list of achievements On April 21, the Research Centre celebrated 30 years of innovation in medical research – below are two videos providing an overview of the Albrechtsen Research Centre’s many accomplishments, as well as a timeline of the Research Centre’s history. The Foundation is proud to support the […]

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Why we give: BMO Financial Group

BMO Financial Group funds research into brain and nerve diseases In October, BMO Financial Group – a generous supporter of St. Boniface Hospital Foundation for nearly 30 years – announced a $250,000 gift in support of Neurodegenerative Disorders Research. At St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre, the Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders (DND) studies brain and […]

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Impact on health care

30 years of research at St. Boniface Hospital By Bill Peters, Director, Communications & Media Services, St. Boniface Hospital Research With your help, and the help of so many Manitobans over the years, we have had an undeniable impact on health care worldwide! Mark Torchia co-developed two novel medical devices and techniques that evolved into […]

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