• cardiac

    Cardiac Care

    Every year, 56,000 people depend on St-Boniface Hospital for cardiac care. From major surgeries to minor procedures, you can provide them with vital support with our Cardiac Care gifts.

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  • Mother-baby_icon3

    Woman & Child

    Help bring comfort and nourishment to the over 5,600 babies born at St-Boniface Hospital every year, through our Woman & Child gifts.

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  • palliative

    Palliative Care

    Contribute to a supportive, peaceful environment for those requiring end-of-life care, and their families, through our Palliative Care gifts.

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  • mental-health

    Mental Health

    A growing area of care, our Mental Health gifts can help those struggling with mental illness receive treatment and support to cope with, and even overcome their conditions.

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  • research


    Some of the most life-changing medical discoveries are made through research. Help the search for new medications, treatments, and technology with our Research gifts.

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  • other


    Over 250,000 people visit St-Boniface Hospital every year for care. Enhance the patient experience by supporting healing through art, emergency care, and more.

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