About Gifts of Hope

About Gifts of Hope 

Giving a Gift of Hope is a meaningful way to show you care to those you love. Whether you’re celebrating, remembering, or saying thank you, a Gift of Hope helps you speak from the heart, while supporting others in need.

When you give a Gift of Hope, all proceeds are directed to the highest priority of need at St. Boniface Hospital. In this way, your thoughtful gift becomes a life-changing one – touching the lives of the thousands of people who depend on St. Boniface Hospital for care each year.

Once you purchase a Gift of Hope, you will be given the opportunity to send a card to the recipient of the gift, letting them know you have made a gift in their name. For birthdays, weddings, thanking a caregiver, or honouring those who have passed, consider giving a Gift of Hope.

What your Gift of Hope supports

Gifts of Hope are donations to St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, which are directed to the highest priority of need at St. Boniface Hospital. The values, services, and equipment described as Gifts of Hope are purchased on a regular basis and represent the many programs and ways donors can support our Hospital.

St. Boniface Hospital determines where and which programs will receive support from Gifts of Hope. The decision to direct gifts is based on where support is needed most at any given time.