John Graham, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation Board Chair, receives the William Norrie Outstanding Community Leadership Award

Volunteer Manitoba honours long-time community volunteer for fundraising passion and leadership

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation Board Chair, John Graham, has been awarded Volunteer Manitoba’s William Norrie Outstanding Community Leadership Award.

Volunteer Manitoba receives hundreds of applicants each year.

“Manitoba’s volunteers continue to lead by example, inspiring others to get involved and transforming their communities. The impact being made by volunteers is what makes Manitoba one of the leading provinces when it comes to community engagement – something we can all take pride in,” said Diane Bazin, Board President, Volunteer Manitoba.

“It is an honour to recognize and celebrate these incredible Manitobans who continue to demonstrate commitment and a passion in their communities.”

As a professional and as a volunteer in the community, John has made it his mission to improve the lives of Manitobans – community service is at the core of his identity, not just something he does on the side.

John became the Foundation’s Lotteries Chair in 2008. He then became the Foundation Board Chair in July 2015. John doesn’t just lead, he works. He rolls up his sleeves as a public spokesperson, marketing guru, and strategist. He tirelessly shares his wisdom with vigour and with humility – a perfect recipe for inspiring others.

The St. Boniface Hospital Foundation benefits immensely from John’s rich expertise. He has encouraged innovation and change, and as a result, health care in Manitoba has benefited.

The 34th Annual Volunteer Awards will be held on April 25th at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg, celebrating the spirit of volunteerism and the work of John Graham, as well as the contributions of many other dedicated volunteers in Manitoba.

Congratulations, John!

To learn more about our Board of Directors, visit: http://www.saintboniface.ca/foundation/en/about-us/board-of-directors/