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Helping moms nurture their newborns


Judy and Gary Edwards took a tour of St. Boniface Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) earlier this year, and Judy’s mind wandered 32 years back in time.

“Our son Patrick weighed just two-and-a-half pounds at birth,” says the retired pharmacist. “He was in neonatal intensive care for about 10 weeks.”

Thanks to the care he received at St. Boniface Hospital, Patrick thrived. “He’s a healthy adult today,” says Edwards with a smile.

While she can’t say enough about the care and follow-up Patrick received all those years ago, she recalls the sadness of not having much physical contact with her newborn as he spent much of his time in an incubator.

Much has been learned since Patrick’s experience about the importance of skin-to-skin contact for newborns, especially premature babies. Contact helps stabilize the infant and reduces stress, among other benefits.

When they learned about the opportunity to sponsor the purchase of NüRoo wraps for the NICU, Judy and Gary jumped at the opportunity. The wrap is worn like a blouse and is secured with Velcro to help moms and their babies cuddle safely. The material is breathable and soft, but strong enough to secure intravenous lines and ventilator tubes without affecting their performance.

“It was heartwarming to visit the NICU and see the babies in their mothers’ arms instead of incubators,” says Edwards. “We are moved by this program. We’ll help make sure there are enough wraps to meet future needs.”


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