Workplace Giving

Many businesses and organizations have chosen to support St. Boniface Hospital Foundation through various workplace fundraising initiatives.

Giving to charity as a workplace is a great way to increase morale by fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment through a collective philanthropic effort.

By supporting St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, you will be helping to fund important patient care initiatives and innovative medical research at St. Boniface Hospital. With more than 200,000 patients depending on the Hospital each year, your support will make a significant impact on the face of health care, and the lives of many people in Manitoba.

Ways to give as a workplace

Campaign: A great way to rally employees around a chosen initiative, such as an office dress-down day or a fantasy sports pool. Be sure to let us know about your campaign to see how we can support you along the way.

Hosting an event: From sports tournaments to bake sales, events are exciting and highly motivating fundraisers for everyone involved. For more information, visit the Hosting An Event section of our website.

Payroll Contribution: A simple and effective way of giving that will have an ongoing impact on health care at St. Boniface Hospital by contributing a set amount from each paycheque. For more information, download our Payroll Contribution Guide.

In Memory/In Honour: From celebrating a colleague’s retirement, to supporting a co-worker through the loss of a loved one, gifts in honour or in memory are a meaningful way to pay tribute. For more information, visit the Honour and Remember section of our website.

How we can help

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation staff will provide you and your workplace with the support you need for your fundraising initiatives, including:

  • tips on engaging employees;
  • facts and statistics on how your support will make a difference; and
  • promotional materials and charitable tax receipts.

Take inspiration from LV Control:

Gaëtanne Morais, Director of Finance and Administration, presents a cheque from L.V. Control Manufacturing Ltd. to Dr. Larry Hryshko

Gaëtanne Morais, Director of Finance and Administration, presents a cheque from L.V. Control Manufacturing Ltd. to Dr. Larry Hryshko

Employees from L.V. Control Manufacturing Ltd. raised nearly $25,000 over six years for St. Boniface Hospital Research.

The local company’s staff chose to designate the funds to Dr. Larry Hryshko’s laboratory, which investigates how electrical signals in the heart are generated, how this causes the heart to beat, and what happens to this process during diseased conditions.

Why this area of research? The inspiration came from within. One of their coworkers has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease that can disrupt electrical functions in the heart.

In 2016, the generous team at L. V. Control added Alzheimer’s disease research to the list of areas they support at St. Boniface Hospital.



To discuss how you can best direct your gift to the programs or areas at St. Boniface Hospital that are most important to you, please contact Kris Gladwell, Vice-President, Development at 204-237-3696 or