Grateful Patient FAQs

Why is St. Boniface Hospital Foundation launching a grateful patient program now?

In 2008, the Personal Health Information Act was changed to allow health care-based fundraising organizations to contact past patients.

What patient information does St. Boniface Hospital release to St. Boniface Hospital Foundation?

Only names and addresses of past patients are released to St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. Personal information, such as date and reason for the patient’s Hospital visit are not released.

Will patients who have critical incidents be solicited?

No. St. Boniface Hospital will remove all critical incidents from its patient list prior to sending it to St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.

How can I trust St. Boniface Hospital Foundation with my personal information?

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its employees, volunteers, donors, potential supporters and other stakeholders.

All information we collect is carefully protected. We do not rent, sell or trade mailing lists or other personal information. We meet all legislative requirements with respect to privacy and have developed our privacy policy based on the 10 privacy principles in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). For a copy of the policy, please contact St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.

What is St. Boniface Hospital Foundation mailing to past patients? 

A letter inviting past patients to join the Circle of Compassionate Care, along with a brochure detailing the program and ways to donate, will be mailed to past patients.

How often will mailings be sent and to how many past patients?

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation started sending Circle of Compassionate Care mailings monthly in October, 2011. Up to 5,000 past patients are solicited with each mailing.

What if I don’t want to receive mailings from St. Boniface Hospital Foundation?

If you wish to be removed from St. Boniface Hospital Foundation’s Circle of Compassionate Care mailing list, simply call 258-1477 or email saythanks@stbhf.org.

How can a past patient recognize a compassionate caregiver?

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation invites past patients and past patient family members to recognize exceptional caregivers at St. Boniface Hospital through the Circle of Compassionate Care program. Grateful patients can submit their stories of compassionate care to St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, which will in turn share these stories with the appropriate individual, team or department. Past patients and past patient family members are encouraged to make a donation in honour of their compassionate caregiver at this time.

Do grateful patients have to make a donation in order to recognize a compassionate caregiver? 

No, grateful patients do not have to make a donation in order to recognize their compassionate caregiver. St. Boniface Hospital Foundation encourages grateful patients to recognize their compassionate caregiver with a donation in the individual’s honour, but it is not necessary to join the program.

How will compassionate caregivers know that a grateful patient has recognized them?

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation will send a “Thank You” card to compassionate caregivers on behalf of the grateful patient. Donors/grateful patients can choose to include a personal message or use St. Boniface Hospital Foundation’s generic message.

Are Circle of Compassionate Care donations designated or undesignated?

While a grateful patient can choose to designate their donation to a specific program area or initiative, St. Boniface Hospital Foundation does encourage donors to consider making an undesignated donation so that funds can be directed to the area of greatest need.