Areas Of Need

Where It’s Needed Most

Helping us to respond to the needs of the day

needed-mostWe are proud to offer our donors the opportunity to designate their gifts to areas that are most meaningful to them. There are many needs, and every gift of every size makes an important difference.

While every gift does a great deal of good, we invite our donors to consider making an undesignated donation so that the Foundation can help the Hospital and researchers be as nimble and responsive as possible to the needs and opportunities of the day.

Some of the things an undesignated gift can do are:

  • attract world-leading medical and research professionals;
  • purchase the latest diagnostic, therapeutic, and research equipment as quickly as possible;
  • respond to opportunities to participate in global research projects; and
  • invest in facility and equipment upgrades to help our professionals perform optimally.

Undesignated gifts help our medical and research personnel innovate, expand the horizons of medical care and knowledge, and work with an entrepreneurial spirit to advance new ideas.

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