This Mother’s Day, give a Gift of Hope

One of life’s most miraculous and precious moments is seeing your newborn baby for the first time. Last year, more than 5, 600 babies were delivered at St. Boniface Hospital.

The Woman and Child Program at St. Boniface Hospital provides the entire spectrum of care for women and their children, from conception and prenatal care, to delivery and postpartum care. Family well-being is at the core of the Woman and Child Program, with caring staff and specialized equipment on hand to encourage bonding during this cherished time in a family’s journey.

“Moms and their families are involved in every step of their care,” says Heather Nowak, Program Director, Woman and Child Program. “The care team can include nurses, physicians, midwives, and doulas. The whole team works together to deliver babies safely.”

This Mother’s Day, celebrate mom in a special way – give a Gift of Hope and help ensure that Manitoba’s newborns receive optimal care in a safe and loving environment.

Help care for our littlest ones and their mothers. Give a Gift of Hope today: http://www.saintboniface.ca/giftsofhope/en/product-category/gifts/woman-child/