“We are starting to be recognized for being very innovative and very productive in a research sense. Our reputation for excellence has gained national and international attention. That is what attracts and brings in good people, and ultimately the patient benefits enormously.”

– Dr. Alan Menkis,  Clinical Director, Cardiac Sciences

“The synergy created between the research and the patient care components of St-Boniface Hospital is one of its strengths and unique features. I find that St-B brings the best out in its healthcare professionals.

People are encouraged to ensure that excellence in care, best practice, and improvement in quality, is always at the forefront of what we are trying to accomplish. Innovation, pursuing new approaches are encouraged and supported, and that makes for a welcome environment.”

– Lance Barber,  Program Director, Surgery

“There’s something about the heart and the culture of St-Boniface Hospital that the people care about each other, they really care about their patients. There’s something special in this place.”

– Shirley Herlick,  Program Manager of ER and PC

“The support of the community is just so sincerely appreciated. We know and we see every day what a difference having the most advanced, non-invasive technology can make for our patients and we are so happy to be able to provide that level of care because of the support of donors to the Foundation.”

– Janet Ridgedale,  R.N., C.P.N., O.R. Equipment & Supply Advisor

“The investment donors are making in St-Boniface Hospital through the Foundation make it possible for us to spend the time necessary to really look at how we are doing things, and how we can do them better. Better for the patients, better for their families and better for our healthcare workers. We are on the road to perfect care.”

– Dr. Michel Tétreault,  President & CEO, St-Boniface Hospital

“We’re able to provide a nurturing education forum for palliative care trainees instead of simply a clinical setting thanks to the generosity of our donors. It’s very much in keeping with the entire philosophy of palliative care.”

– Dr. Mike Harlos,  Director, Palliative Care, St-Boniface Hospital

“Having access to technology like the recently purchased Portable Ultrasound Machine makes vascular surgery safer and more efficient. It’s thanks to Foundation donors that we are able to bring these advances into our operating rooms and constantly find ways to improve patient care.”

– Dr. Randy Guzman,  Vascular Surgeon and Director, Asper Clinical Research Institute, St-Boniface Hospital