Social held to support bladder cancer efforts at St. Boniface Hospital.

Rock for the Walk raised over $20,000 for St. Boniface Hospital

We’re thankful to Dave Findlay and Kate Everett, two of the organizers of the second annual Rock for the Walk social, held September 7, at the Metropolitan Entertainment Centre in Winnipeg.

Joined by about 250 guests, they rocked out, walked, and raised almost $41,000 that was split between St. Boniface Hospital Foundation and the Bladder Cancer Canada Awareness Walk.

Kate is a bladder cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2014 and treated at St. Boniface Hospital. She pointed out that it’s the fifth most common cancer in Canada. “Bladder cancer is odd. It really doesn’t get enough attention,” she said. “Raising awareness is very important.”

Almost 9,000 people will be diagnosed with bladder cancer this year alone.

About the Awareness Walk that took place September 24, in Winnipeg, Dave said, “This wasn’t just about raising money; this was about being seen. Awareness is so important, because we’ve had people say to us they haven’t even heard of bladder cancer.”

Blood in the urine is the most common symptom of bladder cancer. For information and support, visit see-red.ca or call 866-674-8889.

Get inspired by Dave and Kate – make your own donation in support of patient care at St. Boniface Hospital, click here today!