Size and Dolls

NICU dolls

Smaller mannequins help in training program

St. Boniface Hospital is a leader in neonatal resuscitation training, but it takes leading-edge equipment to keep training relevant.

Other centres in Canada are interested in our Neonatal Resuscitation Program, particularly our team structure and efficiencies,” says Barbara Wheeler, Clinical Nurse Specialist. “It’s very important that we continue to enhance the program so we are prepared for life-threatening emergencies.

About a year-and-a-half ago, the program was able to refresh its equipment, thanks in part to a grant from St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. The equipment now includes small, pre-term CPR mannequins so staff can learn how to resuscitate a baby born prematurely. The mannequins are meant to mimic the size and weight of an infant born at 29 weeks’ gestation. They cost about $1,000 each.

At St. Boniface Hospital, nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and midwives receive formal newborn resuscitation training – about 170 people last year alone.

“Having up-to-date equipment like these small mannequins absolutely enhances our training efforts,” says Wheeler.