Leading St. Boniface Hospital researcher takes on new role

Dr. Kirshenbaum appointed Director, Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences

Dr. Lorrie Kirshenbaum has been appointed as the Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICS) at the Albrechtsen Research Centre at St. Boniface Hospital.

“I am very excited to be asked to serve as the director of this institute” says Dr. Kirshenbaum. “I look forward to working closely with the Cardiac Sciences Program of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority as well as other provincial stakeholders to build an Institute known for training and translational research, so we will be better positioned for major strides towards reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease. Our research team is second to none in Canada, and a team effort will form an important part of the solution to this major health problem.”

A Principal Investigator of Cardiac Gene Biology (ICS), Canada Research Chair in Molecular Cardiology, and Director of Research Development at the Rady College of Medicine, Dr. Kirshenbaum brings a well-established track record of success to this job.

“We are fortunate and excited to have him lead the Institute into the future,” says Dr. Grant Pierce, Executive Director of research at St. Boniface Hospital.

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation is proud to support Dr. Kirshenbaum’s research, which focuses on gene therapy treatments for cardiovascular diseases. His lab has made important strides in understanding genetic influences on the heart. The goal is to find a way to treat heart failure – which affects 500,000 Canadians – by “turning off” a specific gene, or preventing it from turning on in the first place.

Dr. Kirshenbaum succeeds Dr. Pawan Singal, who has led the Institute since 2007. Dr. Singal is a Principal Investigator of cell pathophysiology at the ICS, as well as a professor at the University of Manitoba in the Department of Physiology and Pathophysiology.

The Foundation thanks Dr. Singal for ten fantastic years of leadership at the ICS, and congratulates Dr. Kirshenbaum as he takes on this exciting role.

To learn more about Dr. Kirshenbaum’s research and his role at the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, visit: http://researchwashere.com/researchers/francais-dr-lorrie-kirshenbaum/