How we are organized

St. Boniface Hospital Foundation’s Board is committed to sound governance principles which are the basis upon which the trust of our donors is built. These principles are critical to growing the reputation the Foundation has established over decades as an organization dedicated to excellence in both performance and integrity.

The Foundation Board and Management Team work together under the guidance of our Governance Guiding Principles. These principles represent the framework of responsibility for directors as set by the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba.

The Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (CHCM) owns St. Boniface Hospital’s facilities and its physical assets. The Hospital manages the programs and the Foundation promotes them. The Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba, governed by its own Board, approves nominees to both the Foundation Board and the Hospital Board.

The President & CEO of the Foundation, its most senior staff position, reports to the Foundation Board of Directors.

Along with the volunteer members, the Foundation Board includes the Hospital President & CEO as a voting member, and the Executive Director of Research as an ex-officio member. The Hospital President & CEO is the senior staff position and reports to the Hospital Board of Directors. Both the Medical Director and the Executive Director of Research report to the Hospital President & CEO.