Dr. Albensi’s research featured in summer issue of Wave

The Summer 2017 issue of Winnipeg’s health and wellness magazine highlights dementia research

Most researchers dig into a subject they are passionate about – not just in the lab, but in life.

It has been no different for Dr. Benedict Albensi – ever since he became interested in science, he has been fascinated by the brain.

“I was interested at first in the human mind and memory, how memories are formed and enhanced,” says Albensi, Principal Investigator at St. Boniface Hospital Research’s Synaptic Plasticity and Cellular Memory Dysfunction Lab.

The major function of Dr. Albensi’s lab at the Albrechtsen Research Centre is to understand the biological basis for memory – and what happens to memory when it is impaired. The lab’s research is aimed at fighting dementia, a disease that affects more than 47 million people around the world; of those, more than 22,000 live right here in Manitoba.

Albensi knows about dementia firsthand – his aunt, uncle, and mother have all been affected by the disease. Dr. Albensi and his team are now digging into several research hypotheses about dementia and memory in hopes of eventually finding a cure.

You can read more about Dr. Albensi’s research in Wave, out now.

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