At St-Boniface Hospital, hope and healing means so many different things to so many different people. When you make a donation to St-Boniface Hospital Foundation, you are sharing your hope and touching many thousands of lives with healing because you have chosen to be part of this very special place.

Hope and healing can mean support in patient care, in the purchase of specialized equipment, in supporting health research and education. There are so many ways to be part of the St-Boniface story and it all starts with you.

St-Boniface Hospital Foundation’s volunteer Board of Directors’ foremost priority is to ensure the long-term financial viability of St-Boniface Hospital. Through your donations designated to the areas in most need, the Foundation is able to financially support these critical upgrades in health research and patient care at St-Boniface Hospital.

Enhancing Patient Care… With Your Support!

The Hospital’s patient care is based on a multidisciplinary approach, which sees an integrated team of health professionals attend to the patient’s needs daily. It is part of the very fibre of St-Boniface Hospital to provide patients with the most comfort and current technologies for their care. And yet, regardless of the strength of the economy, it is a constant struggle to continually redevelop and expand facilities to support the latest technologies and respond to patient needs for privacy and comfort. Several patient care and public areas of the Hospital have not been upgraded since the early 70’s and are showing wear. They include waiting rooms and treatment facilities.

In addition to the need for new and refreshed patient and public spaces, leading edge equipment and technology are essential components to the future of care. Whether it means replacing aging equipment with new and improved technologies or capitalizing on new innovations for patient care, supporting world-class caregivers with the best equipment is an absolute priority for St-Boniface Hospital.

Enhancing Health Research… With Your Support!

Conducting world-class basic and applied medical research requires access to the latest innovations in research methodology, technology and knowledge. With your support, St-Boniface Hospital can continue to lead efforts to understand and treat diseases. Research discoveries do not happen in a vacuum; collaboration with colleagues around the globe is necessary to ensure the progress. Endowed chairs, student training, visiting scientist programs are required to ensure Manitoba can attract and retain the visionary program leaders and skilled workers needed to conduct medical research. Video-conferencing facilities would permit more frequent exchanges of knowledge, and permit rapid evaluation and development of research protocols for emerging needs. Strategic investments in shared analytical tools including imaging suites and medical testing facilities would enhance the already strong bonds of collaboration between divisions in the Program, while providing the platform to encourage broader participation from experts from across Canada and around the world.