Celebrating 100 years of nursing school at St. Boniface Hospital

Multimedia exhibit commemorates history of the St. Boniface School of Nursing

New From one century to the next, from a vocation to a profession exhibit at St. Boniface Hospital

A permanent exhibit honouring the legacy of the St. Boniface School of Nursing was unveiled in the Hospital’s Everett Atrium last week.

The new interactive multimedia experience, titled “From one century to the next, from a vocation to a profession,” tells the history of the School of Nursing and the contribution of its founders and graduates to modern day nursing practice. Through innovative technology, the curated exhibit includes interactive monitors, wall murals, and window screens, and chronicles the history of the School of Nursing from 1897-1997.

“The St. Boniface School of Nursing played a critical role in developing curriculum and skills in generations of nursing women and men, many of whom went on to become nursing leaders in our community and elsewhere,” says Wanda Andres, Alumni President. “The Alumni’s goal was to tell these stories in a modern way and make them accessible to patients, staff and visitors to St. Boniface Hospital”

To achieve their vision for the exhibit, the Alumni retained the services of local curator Annie Langlois, and designer Thomas Bres to help with the planning, design, and production of the exhibit.  Langlois and Bres have worked with the St. Boniface Historical Society, le Centre culturel franco-manitobain and La Liberté on exhibits commemorating significant events in Manitoba’s French speaking community. They have also worked on exhibits in Europe and the U.S.

The new exhibit is located in the beautiful Everett Atrium at St. Boniface Hospital, and is a powerful testament to the legacy of the Grey Nuns and the School of Nursing at St. Boniface Hospital. The Foundation is proud to support the Nurses’ Alumni Association.

To learn more about this new multimedia exhibit and the Nurses’ Alumni Association at St. Boniface Hospital, visit: http://www.sbgh.mb.ca/about-alumni.html