A hearty response to an urgent need

$2.5 million donation from The Molson Foundation will fund critical women’s heart health research at SBH and The Montreal Heart Institute

Thanks to a $2.5 million donation from The Molson Foundation, several major research projects on women’s cardiovascular health will be made possible.

From left to right: Dr Jean-Claude Tardif, Martine Bouchard, Josée Noiseux, Andrew T. Molson, Mélanie La Couture, Lino A. Saputo Jr., Vince Barletta, Dr Grant Pierce, Dr Marie-Pierre Dubé. Photo Credit: Antoine Saito

These collaborative research projects between St. Boniface Hospital and the Montreal Heart Institute will allow many St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre’s researchers and their teams make advances in specific research areas, such as:

  • Detecting early signs of heart disease in older women;
  • Distinguishing the sexual differences of blood fat levels;
  • Understanding heart disease and breast cancer;
  • Understanding heart disease and kidney injury in women; and,
  • Treating high blood pressure in women.

Researchers will delve deeper into these areas, as well as pursue research into other fields of inquiry related specifically to women’s heart health.

“Through their generous donation, The Molson Foundation creates an avenue for bringing two powerhouses together in heart research, St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, and the Montreal Heart Institute. The Molson Foundation has shown once again what an incredible community supporter they are,” stated Dr. Grant Pierce, St. Boniface Hospital Executive Director of Research.

The Molson Foundation’s donation dedicated to research projects in women’s cardiovascular health will undoubtedly be a key element in allowing leading medical researchers to push the boundaries of research and improve the health of tens of thousands of women.

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