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Giving is good for the heart – in more ways than one

This GivingTuesday, millions of people around the world are giving back. Will you? On GivingTuesday, we are sharing personal stories, as told by the people who lived them, to take you inside the walls of St. Boniface Hospital in a firsthand way you’ve never seen before. Go behind closed doors and into the hearts and […]


I was having a “widow-maker.”

No one knew whether I’d survive, or even wake up. It was halfway through February last year, and for days I’d found myself short of breath when walking short distances and climbing stairs. I knew I should see my doctor, of course. But I was so busy…I’m sure you can relate. Still, my symptoms persisted. […]

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My name is Jenna, and this is my St. Boniface Hospital story.

The obstetrician told me, “We’re not going to get this pregnancy to full term.” My diagnosis was HELLP Syndrome, a life-threatening pregnancy disorder. The only way to resolve it is to deliver the baby and placenta. In my case, only twenty-six weeks into my pregnancy. After a whirlwind 24 hours, our baby was delivered by […]

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