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LIGHT-saving treatment

When babies are born, we delight in their soft skin and tiny miracle bodies. We take joy in parents’ carefully-curated social media feeds, and adore every perfect dimple and roll. But one surprisingly common thing we don’t often see shared on social media is a newborn with jaundice. That’s thanks in part to phototherapy at […]

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Magical hands provide life-saving surgery

Making every month count for cardiac patients at St. Boniface Hospital Kelley had lived with a heart murmur all her life, but it never kept her from doing the things she wanted to. Then, something changed. She became more and more “breathy” going up the stairs. She chalked up a lack of stamina to work stress […]

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Care fit for a King

Winnipeg father receives excellent cardiac care at St. Boniface Hospital Tom King, a husband and father from Winnipeg, recalls the moment nearly 20 years ago when his heart first began racing unexpectedly and irregularly. “I was out for a walk with my daughter – she was just little – and it came out of nowhere,” […]

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Why we give: St. John’s-Ravenscourt

This year, students from St. John’s-Ravenscourt collected more than $600 in donations to support cardiac care and research at St. Boniface Hospital. One of Manitoba’s premier academic institutions, St. John’s-Ravenscourt is dedicated to creating an environment where students thrive. As part of their education, students are invited to participate in a variety of community service […]

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